Ronald McDonald House

Save your Pull Tabs this Summer! Bring them to MSIS when School Starts!

A collection can has been placed outside of the MSIS lunch room.  We hope all the kiddos will collect at their homes and help us support this wonderful charity here in Wichita!  Just simply have them place their pull tabs in the can (it has a foot step for opening) and we will take care of the rest.

Just a little about the project: Each year RMHC Wichita sponsors a state wide Pull Tab Program. We collect the metal piece located on the top of a soda cans or any other can with an aluminum tab. These pieces are known as pop tabs or pull tabs. (Most soup and cat food can tabs are made from tin so unfortunately we cannot take them.) This activity not only helps save the earth but it also raises much-needed awareness about how one individual’s contribution can make a substantial difference for a family staying at the Ronald McDonald House or using our Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Collecting pull tabs is fun and easy. It is also a great way for children, families, schools and companies to get involved!

 It really is just a small thing that makes a huge difference.