MSIS Happenings!

Dates to Remember-

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 August 11th-12th:  MSIS Open Houses and P/T Conferences. 

August 17th:  Andy's Spirit Day, All Day!

August 29th:   PTO Meeting, 6PM at MSIS

September 5th:  NO School, Labor Day

September 15th: Our 2nd Annual Mav Bash, 6-8PM

September 19th:  PTO Meeting, 6PM at El Agave (Click to RSVP)

September 22nd:  NO School, P/T Conferences

September 23rd:  NO School

September 27th:  Noodles & Co Spirit Night, 4-8PM

October 10th:  Chick-fil-A Spirit Night, 3-10PM

October 17th:  NO School, Professional Development Day

October 20th-November 7th:  MSIS Pledge Drive Fundraiser

October 24th:  PTO Meeting, 6PM at MSIS

November 7th: Pizza Ranch Spirit Night, 4-8PM

November 21st-25th:  NO School, Fall Break

November 29th:  Monthly PTO Meeting, 6PM @ Reflection Ridge Clubhouse

November 30th:  Panda Express Day, 10:30AM-9PM

December 15th:  Chick N Max Spirit Night, 4-8PM

December 22nd-January 3rd:  NO School, Winter Break

January 4th:  NO School, Teacher Work Day

January 12th:  Pizza Hut Spirit Day, 11am-8pm

January 16th:  NO School, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 23rd:  PTO Meeting, 6PM @ MSIS Cafeteria

January 25th:  Carousel Skate Night, 6-9PM

February 9th:  NO School, P/T Conferences

February 10th:  NO School

February 13th:  Dairy Queen Spirit Night, 5-8PM

March 6th:  PTO Meeting, 6PM in the cafeteria

March 13th-17th:  NO School, Spring Break

March 24th: MSIS Color Run, 5:30-7:30PM

April 3rd:  Chick-fil-A Spirit Night, 3-10PM

April 3rd:  PTO Meeting at 6PM, MSIS

April 7th:  NO School

April 13th:  All Star Sport Night, 6-9PM

April 17th:  NO School, Professional Development

April 26th:  Chipotle Spirit Night, 4-8PM

May 1st:  PTO Meeting, 6PM, Location TBD

May 5th:  NO School, Professional Development

May 24th:  Last Day of School



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