Mavs Run Together

What is Mavs Run Together?  If you have ever been a part of a TLC group, MRT is very similar.   We just want to show our MSIS Teachers and Staff appreciation throughout the year. 

#1--Mav Baskets:  We have 5 lounges at MSIS so we fill 5 Baskets with goodies.  We also stock the refrigerators with drinks and fill a candy jar in each lounge.  We do this each month.  A sign-up genius is sent out each month if you wish to participate.

#2--Teacher and Staff Favorites Project:  Each month, a sign-up genius will be sent out with all MSIS teachers and staff listed.  You can sign up for one, two, or however many you wish to sign up for that month.  This is a one-time monthly commitment.  You can pick a new staff member(s) each month.  This project makes sure all employees at MSIS are gifted each month.   We provide you with Amazon and Favorites List to help you with gifting.


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