MSIS Fundraising and Goals

 Our 2022-2023 Goals:

  • Mav Time Needs- We will be checking in with our Mav Time Teachers often to see if they need anything. The requests will be discussed as they come in.
  • The Social Studies Team Needs—The Social Studies teachers met and provided us a list of items they needed. These items were approved and have been ordered to complete this goal.
  • Teacher’s needs for their classrooms. Project Based Learning materials as needed-Each teacher has a $200 Bank for the year, can be used as needed. We hope we can raise this amount as the year goes on. 
  • Big Goal for the Year...  Rock Walls in our Gyms!  The Rock Walls have been ordered as of November 7th, 2022.  The plan is for them to arrive before the Holiday Break so they can be installed over break!  Thank You Mavs for making this possible!  
Our Mavericks learning about painting in Ms. Baker's Canvas Painting Mav time! Looks like Great Artwork Students!
What a Fun Class! 🎨
The PTO purchased the paint to help support this Mav Time!
Thank you Families for your continued support! When you attend our Spirit Nights, Shop in our Spirit Store, and participate in all the other things along the way, you help us continue to support everyone at MSIS!
What a Fun Night at Carousel! 🛼🛼
Thanks to everyone who was able to make it, it was a packed place!
Mrs. Nicholson's Class won the Pizza Party for having the most in attendance! Way to go!
Mrs. Wilson's ELA Classes had a Book Tasting last week with a lot of snacks and a super fun set up! How Fun is this?
Thanks Darcie for making learning fun for MSIS ELA Students!
Thank You Mav Families for supporting MSIS PTO! We were able to purchase the snacks and fun goodies for this project!

Mrs. Coble used her PTO Bank to purchase supplies and goodies for her classroom! Thanks for all you do at MSIS Kara!
Thank you Mav Families for supporting PTO so we can help supply our wonderful staff and students with additional items to help them flourish!
A Message from Mrs. Dooley and her Mav Time Students:
"I just want to thank you so much for providing supplies for our Astrology & Astronomy MAV Time class. This kids LOVE using Oreos to learn about the moon phases! We appreciate all of your support!"
And from the MSIS PTO, THANK YOU MAVS! We could not continue to do what we do for MSIS without your support!
Not sure there are words to quite accurately tell these two ladies Thank You and how much we appreciate them at MSIS but The PTO LOVED that they could help them with some of their needs!
We are SO Thankful for our MSIS Nurse and Nurse Para!

We purchased tables to go beside the cots for their room so students would have a place for their cups, snacks, and things. They also needed a cabinet for their restroom for supplies.

Thank You Mav Families for continuing to Support the MSIS PTO so we can continue to support Everyone at MSIS! ❤️
Mrs. Wilson's Class says "Thanks PTO for the Headphones"
Looks like they are all very focused on learning! Go Mavs!
Before Winter Break, the PTO was able to purchase a binding machine and covers for Mrs. Redondo to help the 6th Grade Music students keep their music together for concerts.
We also purchased a Decibel Reader that will help the kids measure how loud or soft they are singing. 🎶🎶🎶
Thanks Mavs for continuing to Support us so we can continue to Support our Wonderful Staff at MSIS!
📣📣Surprise!!! 📣📣
New Picnic Tables in our MSIS Collaboration Space just outside our cafeteria.
Now for some nice weather! 🌞🌞
Thanks Carl, Lexie, and the USD266 Maintenance Department for getting them assembled and secured!
THANK YOU Mav Families for supporting us! We are excited about this Great Addition to MSIS!
STUCO is ready for the Winter Social!
The PTO was happy to purchase raffle prizes for their event. Have a Great Time Students!
Our Mav Bakers were hard at work yesterday making Christmas Cookies! 🎄
The Cooking Class says Thank You PTO for the Rolling Pins!
Looks Great Mavs, Keep up the Good Work! 
The PTO has fulfilled Mrs. Burnett's Wish List.
Thanks for all you do Andrea! ❤️
 We Love taking care of our MSIS Staff ❤️
Thanks for all you do Cindy Kraft!
The PTO purchased two new Wobble Boards for our Occupational Therapist to use at MSIS. Thanks for all you do Valerie!
Thank You Mavs for always supporting us so we can continue to support all our Wonderful Staff and Students at MSIS!
Mav Au Lait today was in full force! 🍽
The PTO was happy to purchase aprons and new measuring spoons to help our Cooking Mav Time.
Thank you Mav Families for your Support!
Mrs. Wiechman's Mav Time Class had a good time playing the new Tapple Games they received from PTO.
I think Wednesday might be a favorite day for the Mavs! Mav Times are so fun!
Thank you Mav Families for supporting us so we can continue to support our students and staff at MSIS!
One of our goals with our fundraiser was to fulfill teacher's needs! We are excited about this!
We purchased items Mrs. Lang requested for her coloring and drawing activities she does to help with goal setting!
Thanks for all you do at MSIS!
Thank You Mav Families for your continued support!
Kays Club filled 30 Boxes of Food for our local Maize Families!
Thank you Mav Families for supporting them through this project. Also, Thank You for supporting MSIS PTO, we were able to purchase food items to help fill boxes! Great Job Mavs!

"Thank you PTO for buying the supplies for our Games and Grub club!! The kids enjoyed reading the recipe and following directions for making Puppy Chow. Thank you from Mrs Wiechman and her games and grub Mav Club!!"

We were happy to purchase adjustable risers for the front desk at MSIS plus a heater for these chilly days! Thanks for all you do Tarea & Deana! We appreciate you!
Thank you Mav Families for supporting us so we can continue to support everyone at MSIS!

Our MSIS Theatre Crews says
"Thanks for the Support"
The PTO purchased some of the outfits and props for the Seussical!
Keep up the good work Mavs!
Can't wait to see you all in action in May!

Thank you Mavs for helping with our MSIS Pizza Ranch Community Night!
(We had other helpers that are not pictured)
Thank you to everyone who stopped in for Pizza! We appreciate your support! 🍕

It was Thankful Pumpkin Time in Circle of Friends on Wednesday!
So much to be Thankful for at MSIS!
Thank you Mavs for your continued support so we are able to help with projects like this one! 🧡

From Mrs. Harden
"I just wanted to pass along a few pictures of our Halloween escape room that my students absolutely LOVED. On Halloween day, my classes got to work as a team to solve codes throughout the classroom. They did this with the hope of eventually unlocking our treasure chest full of surprises. Thank you to the MSIS PTO for purchasing the lockbox and several locks to help me create this Escape Room (and future ones as well). I sure appreciate all the things our PTO does for our classrooms!"
Isn't it Wonderful seeing all the great things our teachers are doing with the resources from PTO? Thank You Mav Families for always supporting MSIS!

From Mrs. Rodell and the Broadcasting Crew:
Thank you so much for the microphone you purchased for our broadcast needs. We are putting it to good use recording our daily broadcast and creating special segments for our live broadcasts. We appreciate your support!"

We had some Thrilling entertainment at our MSIS Assembly today! Great job Mavericks!  The PTO helped purchase costume and make up for our Dance Mav Time!

6th grade orchestra is excited about trying the new tuners we have received from PTO. Thank you!

The PTO purchased a Popcorn Machine for the all the staff & students to enjoy!

Our MSIS STUCO needed poster boards and markers to help with their plans this year! The PTO was happy they could help them with these items!
We look forward to what all STUCO has planned this year and Thank You Families for your continued support!

Mrs. Wiseman and the Cooking Class were busy on Wednesday! Great Job MSIS Chefs!
"It was so awesome getting the call reviews from staff about how much they loved the food! We are so excited to plan again next week and learn some more skills to apply to our new menu items! 🙂 Thank you so much for all you do. We could not do this without you!"

Our MSIS Orchestra will be able to stay in tune with their new Digital Metronomes!
We appreciate your support so we can continue to fulfill the needs at MSIS!

More Math Fun in Mrs. Seamans' Class!
Thank You Mav Families for supporting us! We were able to purchase the Black Lights for this cool learning experience!

A text can make your day knowing that everything is so appreciated by our Wonderful Staff at MSIS! It's Great to be a Mav!
"Thank you PTO!!!! I love this machine!"

The Counselors and Paras have set up a classroom to have lessons and a place for small groups in B-Hall.
The PTO was able to help set up this room by purchasing chairs, a rug, blankets, a mirror, and plants to make it feel comfortable and a place for groups to meet. Love what they did with the mirror!
Great Job MSIS Staff and Thank You Mavs for your continued support so we can continue to support our students and staff at MSIS!

From Mrs. Wiseman:
"Thank you so much for everything for cooking! Our kids have enjoyed this so much! As have I! Here are pictures from them cooking for administrators Tuesday and from today with all our goodies!"
Thank you Mav Families for your continued support! We are so Grateful that we were able to purchase lots of goodies for our Cooking Class to help make it run smoothly and provide a fun learning experience for our students!
Keep up the Good Work Mavs!


It was a Fun Morning in Mrs. Dooley's Mav Time Class!
Edible Constellations and Oreo Moon Phases
Thank you Mav Families for your continued support! We were able to help purchase the supplies for this fun educational project for our students in the Astronomy/Astrology Mav Time!
Math is getting a GLOWING review from our students today!
Thank you Mrs. Seamans for EXCELLing in the classroom to make learning fun and meaningful for our students!
Thank you Mav Families for supporting us! The PTO purchased these black lights to create this fun learning experience!
We appreciate your support!
How Cool is this Puzzle Board that Mrs. Pfaff received from the PTO!!
Her students were running out of room for their Big Puzzle so this is working out perfect! Good Job Mavs!
Thanks for supporting us so we can continue to support our staff and students at MSIS!
Dominos Mav Time with Mrs. Wiechman
They are learning how to play Mexican Train Dominos then they headed to the nursing home to play!
The PTO supported this Fun Mav Time by purchasing them a couple of sets of dominos!
Mrs. Dooley received some great additions for her classroom!
Mrs. Hamilton received items for a new group she is putting together to help with coping skills and anxiety!
Thanks for all you do Ashlynn & Caitlin!
July & August Mav Time Needs purchased:
Mr. Berry--Soccer
Mrs. Chenoweth--Circle of Friends
Mrs. Coble--Kays Club
Mrs. Dooley--Astronomy & Astrology
Mrs. Lang & Mrs. Burnett (not pictured)--Character Counts
Mrs. Wiseman--Cooking
Mrs. Nicholson--Strategy Board Games
Coach Buchanan & Coach Wendell--Sports
*Not all Maverick Time Teachers had needs right now but we look forward to supporting them all as we go throughout the year!


Mrs. Burnett is setting up a Reading Resource Room for all our Reading Teachers.  The PTO was able to fulfill her list of items to get the room started!


2021-2022 Fundraising we Completed:

STEAM Lab: Our Big Goal for the 2021-2022 was to purchase a Robotics and Automation Module Kit for MSIS!  We reached our Goal for 4 Kits! 

MSIS Activity Fund:  We want to help build up the MSIS Activity Fund.  The PTO has donated $1000 to the fund and will give 25% of Spirit Store Sales to the fund each month (January 1, 2022 to School Year End of 2022).  These funds are used at MSIS for special occasions for staff, teachers, and students.  



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