MSIS Fundraising and Goals

 Our 2022-2023 Goals:

  • Mav Time Needs- We will be checking in with our Mav Time Teachers often to see if they need anything. The requests will be discussed as they come in.
  • The Social Studies Team Needs—The Social Studies teachers met and provided us a list of items they needed. These items were approved and have been ordered to complete this goal.
  • Teacher’s needs for their classrooms. Project Based Learning materials as needed-Each teacher has a $200 Bank for the year, can be used as needed. We hope we can raise this amount as the year goes on. 
  • Big Goal for the Year...  Rock Walls in our Gyms!
Dominos Mav Time with Mrs. Wiechman
They are learning how to play Mexican Train Dominos then they headed to the nursing home to play!
The PTO supported this Fun Mav Time by purchasing them a couple of sets of dominos!
Mrs. Dooley received some great additions for her classroom!
Mrs. Hamilton received items for a new group she is putting together to help with coping skills and anxiety!
Thanks for all you do Ashlynn & Caitlin!
July & August Mav Time Needs purchased:
Mr. Berry--Soccer
Mrs. Chenoweth--Circle of Friends
Mrs. Coble--Kays Club
Mrs. Dooley--Astronomy & Astrology
Mrs. Lang & Mrs. Burnett (not pictured)--Character Counts
Mrs. Wiseman--Cooking
Mrs. Nicholson--Strategy Board Games
Coach Buchanan & Coach Wendell--Sports
*Not all Maverick Time Teachers had needs right now but we look forward to supporting them all as we go throughout the year!


Mrs. Burnett is setting up a Reading Resource Room for all our Reading Teachers.  The PTO was able to fulfill her list of items to get the room started!


2021-2022 Fundraising we Completed:

STEAM Lab: Our Big Goal for the 2021-2022 was to purchase a Robotics and Automation Module Kit for MSIS!  We reached our Goal for 4 Kits! 

MSIS Activity Fund:  We want to help build up the MSIS Activity Fund.  The PTO has donated $1000 to the fund and will give 25% of Spirit Store Sales to the fund each month (January 1, 2022 to School Year End of 2022).  These funds are used at MSIS for special occasions for staff, teachers, and students.  



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